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All Things Motorcycle

Motorcycling is a damn expensive hobby. Getting a bike costs an arm and a leg. Then you start buying accessories to make it your own. And then you need to outfit yourself in gear. All of that adds up fast and can be a bit overwhelming. Regardless if you are on a $3000 KLR or a $30,000 Harley, saving some dough on DIY tools is always a good thing. Here are some inexpensive tools that get the job done:

Seal Mate

The Seal Mate is a super simple yet effective tool for stopping stubborn fork seal leaks. It is easy to use and works with regular and inverted forks on almost every type of motorcycle, dirt bike, and even mountain bike. You are able to reseal a leaking fork seal without removing or disassembling the forks by removing the dirt, sand and grime that has compromised the seal. The cheap fix can save you hundreds in parts and labor and prevents you from replacing fork seals that only really need to be cleaned out. You can also use the tool every few months to prevent further leaks and best of all it takes a few minutes to complete. This little guy stopped the leak on my old RM125 and I can say with confidence IT WORKS!


Get a Seal Mate for $6.61 & FREE Shipping

Grunge Brush Chain Cleaner

The Grunge Brush is one of the most well-known chain cleaning tools on the market. It has 2 brush heads made of strong bristles that clean grime, grease, and debris from your chain and sprockets. The 3 sided head effectively cleans the chain as you rotate the tire. Pair it with Motul Chain Cleaner and your chain will look like new. There are cheaper versions out there, but I find the Grunge Brush works great and has lasted me years. If your bike dos not have a centerstand, grab some generic stands or even just a rear stand to lift the rear of the bike up.

Get a Grunge Brush for $10.95 & FREE Shipping

Hoosier Garage - Chain Cutter Breaker Riveting Rivet Tool

Need to install a new chain on your sportbike? Many bikes with higher HP run chains with rivets and not clips. Chain and sprocket replacement is an easy DIY project, but you need the right tools for the job. Brand name Chain Rivet Tool kits can easily cost $100+. Hoosier Garage sells an inexpensive kit that works great, especially for the average rider who will only use it on their bikes and their buddy’s bike maybe once a year. It is a great tool to have on hand in your tool box. I ended up with a Motion Pro kit bought locally, but have used this kit a friend bought, and it worked the same as the Motion Pro.


Get a Hoosier Chain Rivet Kit for $29.95 & FREE Shipping. You can get a kit on Ebay for around $20, it looks like it might even be the same one but i can’t vouch for it.

Tire Changing Tools

Does changing your own tire intimidate you? Well don’t let it, because with the right tools you can save yourself lots of money, not to mention that you may need to do it yourself if you are in a remote area.


First replace one of your Valve Stem Caps with a Valve Stem Cap with Core Remover. That way you will always have a way to remove the valve stem.

You can get fairly inexpensive garage floor bead breakers on Amazon but the BikeMaster Bead Breaker 03-171 can be had for under $25. You can always just use a few 2x4s to act as a lever or the kickstand from your buddy’s bike.


Spoons are a must. Don’t risk damaging your tube or tire with big flat head screw drivers. You can get a good quality Motion Pro Iron set for under $25. I would avoid the cheaper versions with plastic handles. Throw them in your panniers when traveling so you are ready for repairs.

A cheap way to protect your rim from tool marks during a tire change is with these affordable rim protectors.


The most trusted Pump in the motorcycle world is the CyclePump Tire Inflator and it is a quality tool. But if you are looking for a budget pump for emergency roadside repairs, the Slime 40001 Motorcycle Tire Inflator can be had for under $30.

Balancing a tire used to be a job only a shop could do. But now you can balance your own tires with Tire Balancing Beads for just $11.


Having the right tools to change your own tires will save you hundreds in labor and towing bills over your life of riding.

Cable Luber

A simple DIY maintenance task that is often overlooked by many, and I am guilty of this, is lubricating your throttle, clutch and other control cables. The cables need to be lubricated in order to properly and freely move around in the housing. Replacement cables are generally sold unlubricated and require proper lubrication. In order to direct the lubricant into the cable housing, a special tool is needed, and trying to do it without this leads to a big mess. An affordable tool for this is the Motion Pro Cable Luber which can be had for just $8.99 & FREE Shipping. You can also get a kit for $24.99 & FREE Shipping if you do not already have the lube kicking around . Thanks to marylandmike from Wrist Twisters for the tip, who came up with another affordable way to tackle the lube job.

Shop for more affordable motorcycle tools on Amazon and EBay.

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