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All Things Motorcycle

It seems like making energy drinks has been pretty low on Red Bull’s to-do-list over these last few years. They seem a little preoccupied with Soccer Teams, Racing Teams, Live TV, Print Magazines, a Record Label, producing Movies from Red Bull Media House like On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter, and of course Live Events.

Red Bull’s live events can be over the top. They are action packed, full of excitement and usually pretty dangerous for the athletes. Some events simply kick ass, like Rampage and Cliff Diving. Some are fairly obscure. You may feel a little confused after seeing Red Bull Flugtag or wonder just what the hell is going on up North after seeing Crashed Ice. Whatever the case, and whatever the sport, the events seem to focus on one thing, and that is ensuring the fans have fun.

And that’s exactly what Red Bull has done for off road motorcycle racing. Remember as a kid going to local amateur motocross races? That was a blast. Then you got older and bought an IPhone. Now your attention span has dwindled away to nothing and you can’t focus on a motorcycle race being shown on a 60” LED TV because someone just tweeted a picture of an out of shape Vin Diesel. On top of that, nothing impresses you anymore because you have seen the wildest stunts ever performed on YouTube three times over.


Well for us motorcycle fans, the Red Bull Sea to Sky Race might just be the entertainment overload we need. The sixth edition just wrapped up on October 4th, with Graham Jarvis being crowned the champ. If you haven’t heard of the race, Red Bull has dubbed it“The Most Enjoyable Extreme Enduro” and that pretty much rings true.

The three-day long event takes place on the shores of the Turkish Riviera, taking you from “the sea to the sky”. It kicks off with a 15 minute + 1 lap Beach Race with Enduro bikes roaring past waterfront hotels, hitting jumps and running wide open.

Day 2 is the Forest Race where racers climb into the mountains on gravel roads, tackling hill climbs and tough downhill sections.

The final day of action is the Olympos Mountain Race, which encompasses everything the land has to offer, right from the beach to the peaks of the mountain at 2365m, over a grueling 7hours. Hell, you get a medal just for finishing part of the course.

The variety of riding alone is great entertainment, but of course Red Bull does not stop there. For starters, it takes place at a luxury resort on the beaches of the Turkish Riviera; there is an opening concert as well as a rider’s party, thrown into the already party atmosphere. Just what our short attention spans need!

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