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After 5 years of abuse, more drops than I can count including rolling down a decline in a parkade, replaced pivots and new shields; my Icon Mainframe was in desperate need of replacement. I cannot say enough good things about the Mainframe which has since been replaced by the Alliance. If you are shopping on a budget for a street helmet to use around town and on weekends, look no further. I decided the Icon would be replaced with a helmet geared towards long-distance touring. I ended up with Scorpion’s top of the line street helmet the Exo-1100. I have put around 15k on my Exo-1100 Jag Phantom over two seasons, with 80% of that coming from two trips around the East Coast and much of the Appalachian Mountains.

Helmet Features

  • Fiberglass / Kevlar Matrix Shell
  • EPS Lined Chin Bar
  • AirFit Cheek Pad System
  • SpeedView Internal Sunvisor
  • SpeedShift Quick Change Shield Mechanism
  • FaceShield Lock / Vent Feature
  • Optically Correct EverClear Face Shield
  • KwikWick II Moisture Wiking Pads
  • Adjustable Indexed Front & Rear Vents
  • Breath-Deflector
  • ECE 22.05 & DOT Certifications
  • XS-2XL Sizing

On the Outside

The Exo 1100 is currently available in solids including Black, Hyper Silver and Flat Black, and graphics including Jag, Sixty-six, and Tiffany. Discontinued Colors and Graphics can still be found online. I tend to gravitate towards matt finishes for helmets and ended up with a matt black and grey Jag Phantom. The finish of the helmet is top notch, and has proven to extremely resilient. The helmet is only showing small signs of wear, which were owner inflicted nicks. There has been no chipping or fading whatsoever and the helmet has spent long days in the sun and stored in some awkward places during travel. Overall the exterior construction is excellent with no warnings or complaints.

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Inside the Helmet

The interior offerings made this helmet my choice for long distance riding. The fit is intermediate oval with a slightly more round shape than say the old Icon it replaced. I typically wear a large and this helmet fit true to size. Speaking of fit, you are able to adjust the snugness of the helmet with the AirFit Cheek Pad System. Admittedly this function seemed to be a bit of a gimmick at first, but I ended up actually use it. The rider can pump up small airbags on the cheek pads to the desired fit. Yes just like the shoes.

The cheek pads also offer large cutouts around the ears that are more than adequate for accompanying my Evolution Bluetooth Headset.

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The padding is entirely removable and washable. The KwikWick II liner is antimicrobial and antibacterial, great for keeping it from becoming, well gross inside, however it completely dries out my hair, giving me the most gnarly looking helmet hair I have ever experienced.

Shield and Internal Visor

One of the main reasons I purchased this helmet over others was the internal sunvisor. After years of swapping out shield on the road as the conditions changed, I wanted to give this feature a shot. First the good: it is super easy to operate with a big lever on the side of the helmet. Operating it with cold weather riding gloves on is not an issue. Its anti-fog coating works very well and while not completely impervious to fogging up its pretty dam good. The visor comes light smoke, which I replaced with a dark smoke, only to realize the latter was more than adequate. Now the bad, it just does not drop down far enough (like every internal visor I have ever used). When you are in a completely upright seating position, like on a ADV bike, you will find yourself glancing up and tilting your head down slightly to make up for this. In the more leaned forward ¾ position the sun visor works better, but still not great. When you are off the bike and the sun visor is retracted, it can make a bit of a noise from moving up and down slightly when walking, not a huge issue but may irritate the short tempered.


The FaceShield Lock / Vent Feature turned out to be the biggest bonus after purchasing. A small lever gives you the option of locking the visor down and propping it slightly open. The slightly open position locks the visor with a small gap, which gives you additional air flow, great for hot days and even better if you fog up. Again the shield does not fog up easy, but if it does, this defogs very quickly.

On Your Head

The helmet is very light when you consider all the bells and whistles it has, and it feels great when on your head. It is hands down the most quite helmet in my closet. Ventilation is more than adequate in the upright and ¾ position and the EPS liner has a channel layout which provides good air movement, especially on the highway.


The Verdict


  • On the low-end of the price scale for premium long-distance helmets.
  • Works great with Bluetooth headsets
  • FaceShield Lock / Vent Feature is super convenient
  • Lightweight


  • Sunvisor kind of sucks
  • Limited solid colors (currently available)

I would highly recommend this helmet to anyone interested in long distance riding with the caveat that the sunvisor is its Achilles’ heel. That being said, I have yet to use a sunvisor that was as effective as I would have hoped.


Find great deals on the Exo 1100 from $139.99 here.

Find great color and graphic selection here.

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